Friday, June 4, 2010

Why the girly shows?

Well, I actually thought about writing this post last weekend when we (Chad) started our blog.

To give you a bit of context, I absolutely LOVE, and I mean really LOVE, watching all those shows on TLC, slice, the home network, etc. that focus on weddings, dating, home buying/decorating, cake decorating and baking shows, parenting, pet training, and the like. These types of shows are obviously catered to women, but just because they are, doesn't mean that they should necessarily be put down as being brainless and ditsy shows. I often feel like I have to defend myself and the shows (why I don't say I like them just because I do and be done with it is beyond me...) and I just wanted to share a bit of why I love them so much and how I decide which of these shows to watch and which to skip over... and yes, they really aren't all the same! :)

I think it's true that a lot of these shows have the cattiness and drama in them that is appealing to a lot of women, though, to me, I'm not a fan of at all and it's actually this aspect that makes me less likely to like a show. For example, I don't watch any of the Desperate Housewives of... series because all that you can really get out of those shows is drama.

What I do like about a lot of these shows is that they challenge me to think about ideas for things for the future and actually teach me about things that I will inevitably have to learn about in the future, but still make this information fun and easy to understand so that I can actually take something away from it. For example, I like At the end of my leash because, while the drama in that show can get really annoying at times, I like learning about the basic techniques of dog training and issues that may come up that I had never thought about before.

And no, I am definitely not a snob or against anyone who likes watching these types of shows purely for enjoyment. I am really just deep down a girly girl who loves learning about all of these homely-type topics and thinking about how I could apply the concepts of these shows to my own life. Suprisingly enough, I enjoy the weekly evening dramas as my kick-back and relax kind of shows (supported by the constant falling asleep during them... well, them and wrestling!) and I look to these shows as the more 'intellectually stimulating' shows. I'll just say that I'm happy that Chad and Tim usually do their podcasting on Friday nights when the plethora of wedding and wedding dress shows are on so that I may watch and enjoy them without hearing the faintest of faint groans coming from...well... somewhere :p

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