Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Episodes 07.03 & 07.04

This is the third season of Hell's Kitchen I've watched. More like the second-and-a-half since I only watched bits and pieces of season five, I believe. Michelle and I watched all of season six (not always together, though) and it's one of the few reality shows I can get into. The other is Celebrity Apprentice. Some brief thoughts on last night's two episodes:

* It's still too early to really root for anyone. These early episodes are mostly struggles to remember everyone's name and not getting too attached because any of them could be going home. The show basically has two parts to its season: the goofy, stupid first 2/3s where it's too crowded and everyone sucks; and, the more serious, skilled final 1/3 where the quality folks remain and it becomes less about arguing with one another and more about doing good work. These early episodes are goofy and meant to be laughed at as people act like fucking idiots.

* Jason's anger at being put up for elimination last week was understandable since Ramsay chose another person from the men's team to go home. The episode began with Jason pissed off and rightly so: he obviously didn't deserve to be put up there if Ramsay picked someone not nominated.

* Watching people walk the line between self-interest and helping the team is interesting.

* In the first challenge, Fran really bothered me because she hid her burns and tried to continue, which hurt her team. I would have sent her home because safety should be the first concern and someone like that shouldn't be there. Ramsay should have been harder on her for it.

* Scott says the same thing over and over again in his solo moments -- he's a leader, he's there to help others so the team does well... it's funny to see him say the same shit over and over again, and then him be the guy who fucks up the most. Then again, the reason why Salvatore did so well is because of Scott helping him -- something Ramsay doesn't see.

* Has a service ever gone as well as that one did so early into the season? The mistakes were small and minor, quickly corrected, and Ramsay was right not to eliminate anyone.

All in all, entertaining stuff. None of the women really stand out as great yet, but a couple of the guys are very solid/good.

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