Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eminem Feat. Pink - Won't back down

I am a fan of pop music in general, mainly because these songs are catchy and fun to listen to when driving. Yesterday, two new Eminem singles were released; one featuring Pink and one featuring Rhianna. Now, I really like Eminem and I think he is a genius when it comes to writing and producing music and when I heard that his latest record was filled with new styles that he doesn't often explore and that 'we've never heard before', I was pretty excited. This morning while driving during work, my friend and I heard the last minute or so of the featuring Pink song called Won't Back Down. In short, I have never been so disappointed by an Eminem song in my entire life! Yes, he is definitely not for everyone, but when there is so much hype about a song, and this particular song has two of your favourite artists singing you tend to get your hopes up. I just got back from work and I immediately went to youtube to find this song to listen to it in its entirety, hoping that it would be better than my first impression. It was, just a little, though. I think it's not as much the lyrics or vocals as it is the accompaniment. I don't think I like the rock/rap type hybrid music so much and I think it is really distracting. I'm guessing that if this is the case, I'll get use to it after they over play the song for a couple of weeks and I'll end up really liking it.

I also just finished listening to the featuring Rhianna song called Love The Way You Lie while writing the above. I actually really really like this one and it feels more like the Eminem that I like. It's also pretty close to Airplanes which is a B.O.B. single that just took off like crazy featuring Eminem and Hayley Williams. It's not the softer feel that makes it more enjoyable to the ear, and writing of course is always top notch, but I really think it again has to do with the music and the fact that a softer R&B/rock feel contrasts a lot better with the heavier rap beat vs. a harder rock mix in Won't Back Down which just doesn't really seem to work too well for me.

Anyway, those are just my first impressions and we'll see what happens over the coming weeks when Eminem floods the airwaves.


DAL said...

Hey, I found this blog via Chad's. I'm a big Eminem fan too, though being an Eminem fan has been kind of a trial these last six years.

The new album is really, really great, though. The song with Pink is BY FAR the worst song on the album. Everything else is really good, and it grows on you.

I don't think anything else from Eminem will ever match what he did on his first three albums, simply because the artist was new then and he was making his mark and identity. But this new album comes as close as possible to recapturing some of that lost magic...and it does so in ways that are NEW for Eminem. It's a great success.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm really looking forward to hearing the album and I'm glad that you like it a lot! Your opinions are pretty much what I've been hearing from a lot of people. I'm glad to see that even he is trying to branch out into new things instead of sticking with what people had originally loved about him and what he is most popular for. I think it'll help him a lot in the long run.