Monday, May 31, 2010

A welcome post!

Hi everyone!

This is my welcome and first official blogging post!

I'm really excited to get started in sharing my thoughts and opinions on all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful to some) shows, movies, and music that I watch and listen to! Even though Chad and I do watch a lot of things together, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be discussing very different things. We also tend to have pretty different opinions on what we watch, so perhaps some 'interesting' discussions may arise, too!

I hope you enjoy reading our blog! :D


Timothy Callahan said...

Here's the real question: Is Babylon 5 actually good? Or just "Chad good"?

Chad Nevett said...

It's actually good, dammit!

Michelle said...

Ha ha! Well, at first I thought it was just 'Chad' good, but it was actually an episode that we watched last night that made me start to sway to the dark side :) Chad thinks that the genius of the show partly lies in how well thought out the entire series is, from start to finish. This was so not apparent in the first season, so I didn't really put too much weight into what he was saying. But again, this recent episode actually made me witness a bit of what he was talking about.

So, in short... I think it may be more than just 'Chad' good, but I have to keep watching to REALLY believe it ;)

Quique12 said...

I just went through most of Babylon 5 last year with my wife. She would knit while I would watch the show, nto being interested in the show. But around the sixth episode in the second season, she became intrigued and started watching all the episodes with me paying attention to the series.
I think the series is fantastic. Although we haven't seen Season 5 yet, from the second to the fourth it was fantastic.

Chad Nevett said...

The episode that turned Michelle over to my side is "The Coming of Shadows," the ninth of the season. That's when things begin to kick into gear. Funny how it's around then that both your wife and Michelle got into the show more.

But, she's right, the show is best when viewed as a whole and earlier episodes reveal their strong composition and foreshadowing. "Babylon Squared" from the first season being a fantastic example come the two-part episode in season three that reveals the truth behind everything.